Ranji and David in Ethiopia, 2011

"You know those flat cards that when they pop up, you go 'wow'! Your time with us has been like that -- NVC is finally 3-dimensional for me!"
"R & D really know their stuff. Their workshops are packed with lessons, modelling, challenge, info. Well balanced and practice to integrate it. Explained super well."
"A nice mix of fast and slow presentations. Experienced facilitators, caring, holding the group very well."
"Of course David's modelling of giving me empathy was profound. I give you big thanks for this! I got to directly experience a very accomplished session... a safe container to experience and practice."
"It was 15 months ago when you stepped in and mentored the staff through the end of last year.  Without your support, it would have otherwise been a very painful end to the year....  As a staff, the common language is so useful for dealing with conflicts and stress."

"[In particular I liked] the gentleness of the instruction. Invited questions, comments & interaction. Comfortable."

"My schedule is so full and each week when I realized there were the 2 hours of NVC class it was hard to carve out the mental space to show up.  And I came each time because there is not a lot of this in [my life] -- care for self is something I don't often do.  Every class I am so thankful to be here."

"These sessions leave me with the feeling that the... staff are on a shared path...  I liked the calmness of the meetings in contrast to the hectic pace of the rest of my life...  Ranji & David embody the practice of NVC in a way that [helps] me feel clear and hopeful."
"Ranji & David have a wonderful presence & style."

"[This series helped show me] what it means to build community, which is not part of the culture, not the air we breathe.  Self-work is a visceral part of community building.  And this has been accessible and safe for colleagues....  [It has contributed] in creating an out-of-this-universe workplace."

"You were so open, honest -- I like that you shared stuff from your lives"
"Obviously very knowledgeable in their field. Had a very relaxed feel about them. Made the learning ability strong."

"Really grateful for the bell to remind us of self-connection, and for people listening as a group -- you don't get that elsewhere -- and for giving the gift of empathy....  I especially enjoy being the curious and empathic detective, exploring all the possible needs and feelings in another....  Empathy was activated haphazardly before I learned how to make it a conscious choice."
"Very informative, informal, intimate, clear."

"Feeling really good about being here and all the staff coming, to be on the same page -- it's about inclusion, speaking the same language -- provides comfort and is helpful for the whole community."

"Enjoyed your very real examples.  You expose yourselves a bit which is somehow and offering or invitation for others to take a bit of a risk too....  [You were] very relaxed and comfortable.  I felt like you both held the space so well.  Made it clear that we are all always learning."
"David & Ranji provided a very clear & passionate introduction to NVC. It was a great appetizer."
"Enjoyed the couple dynamic and seeing a couple co-create together."

"[This series] will provide me with a completely different, and better, way of dealing with conflict; also it will allow me to say 'no'....  I liked the feeling of a safe community which allows for a much freer exchange of feelings and experiences...  I found that the sharing of [the facilitators'] personal experiences allowed for an open discussion."
"[They] created plenty of space for people to explore ideas & safe space to try things out."

"Ranji & David -- excellent presenters, very thoughtful and held the space well -- felt very supported.  I liked being able to hear the thoughts of others that I don't often get to hear from....  [The facilitators were] very clear and accessible -- non-judgmental....  Great interplay between Ranji & David -- added greatly to experience."
"Such a valuable intro to a practice that supports us as yoga teachers & in life for growing and nurturing connection."

"NVC has many tools for improving strategies to get own and others' need met.  Handouts [were] great....  Ranji - loved your gentle humour and that you pick up on what people want to express."

"[This series over 3 months] has been phenomenal!  This has been during a period in my life of growth and shift and completion -- and this class has helped me along; it fit this phase [of my life] exactly!... I love the 'Tree of Life' (I use it now) and the needs vs strategies [distinction], I really connected with these this time around....  Loved their style.  Gentle, empathic, humourous.  Liked the modelling of "couples" in NVC."

"I really appreciated your honesty & sense of humour! Thank you."


Photo in Ethiopia, anonymous photographer.
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